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Shadow The Wolf Plushie

Adopt Shadow the Wolf Today!

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Shadow the Wolf is a whole entire pack of fun. He's always down for a cuddle, day or night, and is ready for a howlin' good time! The perfect gift for friends, family, that special someone, or yourself ✨

"Save A Wolf" Plush Toy

This wolf plush toy is as realistic as it gets and the perfect companion to cuddle with.

  • Realistic details include pointed ears, multi-colored fur, a soft tail, upturned head, and a just-about-to-howl expression
  • Soft, huggable body, Quality craftsmanship, strong and sturdy interior structure

Endangered Wolves

How many are they left in the wild?


Mexican Gray Wolf


Red Wolf

Let's Make A Difference

Every Purchase Supports Wolves

Today, fewer than 9 red wolves remain in the wild — and they're expected to go extinct in less than a decade.

Know that with your product purchase, you have helped to protect and preserve wolves that are a threatened species.

Why We Protect Wolves

Wolves are a highly social and intelligent species, living within stable family groups. They not only help control the populations of weaker animals, they also help keep prey species healthy by spreading disease and parasites throughout their populations.

*A portion of the proceeds generated from this toy will be used to further our mission of saving wild wolves.